Fiberglass Pultruded

Round Tapered

The Round Tapered Column is the column of choice among builders and home owners alike. This versatile column combines elegance and boldness to truly define exterior spaces. This simply styled column features just the right amount of detail for a crisp and architecturally rich appearance.

Featuring an enduring fiberglass construction that gives you the look and feel of stone with the modern durability of rotocast fiberglass-reinforced polymer. The Tapered Column includes a shaft with a circumference that increases gracefully from top to bottom. This results in a distinctly elegant column that creates a slight sense of enhanced height.


MCF-200208060 8.0 x 60in Round Tapered
MCF-200208072 8.0 x 72in Round Tapered
MCF-200208096 8.0 x 96in Round Tapered
MCF-200208108 8.0 x 108in Round Tapered
MCF-200208120 8.0 x 144in Round Tapered*
MCF-200210096 10.0 x 96in Round Tapered
MCF-200210108 10.0 x 108in Round Tapered
MCF-200210120 10.0 x 120in Round Tapered
MCF-200210144 10.0 x 144in Round Tapered*
MCF-200212096 12.0 x 96in Round Tapered
MCF-200212108 12.0 x 108in Round Tapered
MCF-200212120 12.0 x 120in Round Tapered
MCF-200212144 12.0 x 144in Round Tapered*
MCF-200308001 8.0in Tuscan Cap/Base Kit
MCF-200310001 10.0in Tuscan Cap/Base Kit
MCF-200312001 12.0in Tuscan Cap/Base Kit

Technical Information:

Load Bearing Capacity: 6500 lbs.
Standard Widths: 8", 10” and 12" widths
(Actual size: 8" = 8", 10" = 9.3", 12" = 12")
Standard Heights: 5' - 12' lengths
Packaging: 1 unit per box

Product does not include Caps, Bases or Inserts.
Other Tapered Column sizes available upon request.
Fluted Column sizes available upon request.
*Not available in all markets.

All fiberglass columns MUST be painted.

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